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2017 LAS Section Track Sessions

  • Trends in preferential trade agreements in Latin America (Joint with International)
  • The Colombian Peace Process and Economic Development (Joint with CRENET)
  • Land issues in Latin America: A Broad View from Titling to Carbon Sequestration
  • Performance and challenges for US trade free agreement with Latin America: Do these accords need improvements? (Joint with Senior)
  • Challenges Impacting Economic Sustainability of Specialty Crops (Joint with SCE)

2017 LAS Outstanding Selected Research Paper Award and Selected Poster Award

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2016 LAS Outstanding Selected Research Paper Award and Selected Poster Award

  • Selected Research Paper Award: “Climate Change Interaction with Agriculture, Forestry Sequestration and Food Security” by Luis Moises Pena-Levano et al.

2016 LAS Section Track Sessions

  • Study Abroad in Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Programs (Joint with TLC)
  • Evaluating Trade Performance in Agriculture (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Development Issues in Latin America: Food Security, Health and Female Labor Force, Property Rights, and Agricultural R&D
  • Soybean Expansion in the Tropics (Joint with AEM)
  • Agricultural productivity, nutrition and food security in Latin America
  • Competitive Factors of Latin American Countries in the U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Markets (Joint with Senior)

2015 Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • The Future of the CGIAR (Joint with Senior)
  • Immigration and Agricultural Labor (Joint with Senior)

2014 Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • Major Factors That Will Impacts the Role of Latin America in Meeting Future Food Demand (Joint with Senior)
  • The Impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act on the U.S. Produce Industry:  Domestic Production and Latin American Imports (Joint with FSN)

2013 Annual Meeting Track Session

  • US-Latin America Free Trade Agreement Implementation and Impacts