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2015-2016 Leadership

Chair: Elizabeth Yeager, Kansas State University
Chair-Elect: Maria Bampasidou, Louisiana State University
Past Chair: Sierra Howry, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Santiago, Murray State University

Previous Leadership

2015-2016 Chair: Sierra Howry
2014-2015 Chair: Aaron Johnson
2013-2014 Chair: Josh Detre
2012-2013 Chair: Michael Gunderson
201122012 Chair: Penny Diebel
2010-2011 Chair: James Sterns
2008-2010 Co-Chair: Dixie Watts-Dalton
2007-2009 Co-Chair: Cheryl Devuyst
2006-2008 Co-Chair: Mike Boland
2005-2007 Co-Chair: Christine Wilson
2005-2006 Co-Chair: Paul Wilson
2004-2005 Co-Chairs: Paul Wilson and Leah Greden-Matthews
2003-2004 Co-Chairs: Chris McIntosh and Frank Dooley