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2016 Econometrics Section Annual Meeting Schedule

  • Mixture models in agricultural and applied economics
  • Implications of Recent Empirical Evidence for the Risk-Balancing Hypothesis (Joint with ARA)
  • Agribusiness Research Methods (Joint with AEM)
  • An Introduction to Econometric Modeling using Stan
  • Food Safety Research and Big Data (Joint with Senior)
  • Statistical approaches for addressing data-driven concerns regarding the rating of crop insurance
  • Statistical techniques used to identify climate change implications and potential adaptations

2015 Annual Meeting Econometrics Section Schedule

Track Sessions

  • Modeling Current Issues in Food System Analysis (Joint with FSN)
  • Identification of Causal Effects in Time Series Models
  • How Can We Analyze Climate Change Policy When We Don't Have Enough Data?
  • New Developments in Identifying Causal Effects in Econometrics

Guido Imbens - Causality: An Overview
Aaron Smith - Identifying Causal Effects in Time Series Models

2014 Track Sessions

  • Applications of Hierarchical Regression Models in Development Economics (Joint with International)
  • Agricultural and Applied Economics Priorities for Government Statistics (Joint with Senior)
  • Econometric Analysis of Crop Yield Distributions and Crop Insurance Programs
  • Spatial Econometrics Methods

2013 Econometrics Section Track Sessions

  • Data Analytic Methods for Experimental Auctions: A Learning Session
  • The Role of Structural versus Nonstrucutral Modeling in Agricultural and Resource Economics Research 
  • Econometric Methods and Development Economics
  • Structural Stability Testing in Time Series Date

Past Track Sessions