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Quality of Communication Award

The Quality of Communication Award is granted to encourage excellence in publications in fields consistent with the AAEA vision statement. A maximum of two awards is given each year.

Award Nomination Materials

Cover page

Name of award the nomination is for (i.e. Quality of Communication Award))
Title of work/publication
Nominator(s): name(s), affiliation(s), email address(es)
Nominee: name(s), affiliation(s), email address(es))

A short statement letter

  • Maximum of two single-spaced pages documenting the publication's contributions to the profession.

The publication

  • Copies of the publication in electronic or hard copy form, with electronic form preferred. If in hard copy form, six copies of the publication should be submitted unless expense for the individual is excessive. Hard copies should be sent to the AAEA Business Office at 555 E. Wells Street, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Return of hard copies of the publication is not customary but can be requested.


Seven major areas are considered in evaluating nominations as follows:

  • Importance of topic.
  • Timeliness of topic.
  • Value of communication to its intended audience.
  • Significance of contribution to the literature or other media.
  • Organization and presentation of material.
  • Presentation of material.
  • Economic content of communication.

Entries must demonstrate superior communication of concepts or knowledge in any subject matter of professional specialization (i.e., teaching, research, policy analysis or extension) in agricultural and applied economics as defined by the vision statement to a specified audience.


If you have any questions about your nomination, or the nomination process, please contact Lauren Seward at or (414) 918-3190.