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Distinguished Teaching Awards

The Distinguished Teaching Awards recognize and encourage meritorious performance in undergraduate and graduate teaching in agricultural or applied economics as defined by the AAEA Vision Statement. Each year, a maximum of three awards is given:

  • One for less than ten years’ undergraduate and/or graduate teaching experience as a full-time professional.
  • One for ten or more years’ undergraduate teaching as a full-time professional.
  • One for ten or more years’ graduate teaching as a full-time professional.

Award Nomination Materials

A nomination letter

  • Maximum of 3 single-spaced pages
  • It will be the centerpiece for evaluation and should contain a concise statement summarizing reasons why the nominee is worthy of the award. The letter of nomination should have itemized descriptions (each separated by subsection) of how the nominee meets/excels the five criteria as listed in the evaluation section (see “Evaluation”).

A biography of the nominee emphasizing current and past teaching achievements

  • Maximum of 2 single-spaced pages

A statement of teaching philosophy by the nominee

  • Maximum of 1 single-spaced page

(Optional) An appendix devoted to evaluation of teaching quality

  • Maximum of 5 single-spaced pages

(Optional) Supporting materials.

  • These are limited to three items (publications, videos, computer programs, etc.), which are the nominee's best examples of quality work. Supporting materials can be in electronic or hard copy form, with electronic form preferred.
  • If submitting hard copy supporting materials, six hard copies should be sent to the AAEA Business Office at 555 E. Wells Street, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI 53202. *No other material may be submitted. Hard copies will not be returned.


The following five major areas are considered in evaluating nominations:

  1. Quality of teaching.
  2. Academic advising, counseling, and extracurricular activities with students.
  3. Campus participation in instructional, course, and curricular improvement efforts.
  4. Professional improvement in teaching for benefit of self and peers.
  5. Department/college/university teaching awards.


If you have any questions about your nomination, or the nomination process, please contact Lauren Seward at or (414) 918-3190.