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Concurrent Session Schedule

Updated on April 16, 2019 and is subject to change

Monday, July 22
Concurrent Sessions #1, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Session Name Session Type
International Agri-Food Trade Shocks: Assessment, Measurement, and Impact Invited Paper
Perspectives on Global Food Security Organized Symposium
Agricultural Labor - Issues and Solutions
Ag Finance and Farm Management - Lightning Session Lightning Session
Risk and Resilience in Agribusiness Selected Presentation
Experimental Economics - Lightning Session 1 Lightning Session
Advances and Innovation in Assessing Consumer Demand for Food Products Selected Presentation
Emerging Topics is Agricultural Policy
Food Safety and Nutrition: A Lightning Session Lightning Session
Industrial Org./Supply Chain Management - US Dairy Market Selected Presentation
International Development - Paper Session Technology Adoption
International Trade - Agricultural Trade and China
Modeling Innovations in Land-Use Change
Spatial and Dynamic Methods to Advance Agricultural Production Economics Research 
Farm Management Practices for Pollution Reduction - Paper Session 5
Risk and Uncertainty - risk perception
Understanding adoption of innovations and behavior change to improve agricultural policy Track Session
The Front-Door Criterion in Theory and in Practice
Washington Policy Outlook
WTP: And then What!?
Addressing Policy Challenges using Administrative Data: Applications in the WIC Program
Pre-analysis plans and research design in development economics
The effect of government policies, investments in education, and producers' decision to diversify on the economic efficiency of the agricultural sector in Latin America
The Future of Institutional Organization and Support of Applied Economics
Increasing student engagement and attracting talent in a changing academic environment
Concurrent Sessions #2, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Session Name Session Type
Novel experimental approaches exploring factors influencing consumer choices of healthier food options Invited Paper
Agricultural and Food Supply Chain Dynamics under Changing Market and Policy Environments: Leveraging New Data and Geographic Approaches to Explore Employment Dynamics Organized Symposium
The Role of Economic Theory in Empirical Analysis
Ag Finance and Farm Management - Issues in Farmland Valuation and Cash Rents Selected Presentation
Consumer Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay for Product Attributes
Food Security in Developing Areas Lightning Session
Farm to School Program and Food Security Selected Presentation
The Economics of Nutritional Outcomes in Developing Countries
Intra-Household labor allocation and bargaining
Industrial Org./Supply Chain Management - Lightning Session Lightning Session
International Development - Paper Session Climate Change Selected Presentation
International Trade - Trade impacts on Food Security
Conservation and Payments for Ecosystem Services
Agricultural Productivity and Growth
Environmental Policy Analysis - Lightning Session 1 Lightning Session
Energy Market and Regulations Selected Presentation
Social Norms and Social Networks in Agricultural Markets and Technology Adoption Track Session
Farm Regulation and the Agricultural Economy
Broadband and Rural America
How Should Econometrics Be Taught?
Recent advances in regional and global GIS modeling to determine land-use and greenhouse gas emissions
Changing Needs for Farm Management Education in the Future
SNAP Recipient Behavior and Benefit Cycles, Price Variation, and Foods Purchased
The First Year Transition - Insight from New Faculty
Agriculture, Food and Public Health: Seeing Connections
Concurrent Sessions #3, 2:45 pm – 4:15 pm
Session Name Session Type
Getting food taxes right Invited Paper
Economic Methods in Public Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Organized Symposium
Reforming Cost-Benefit Analysis for Regulation: What are the Consequences?
Agribusiness Economics and Management - Lightning Session Lightning Session
Forecasting Commodity Prices and Trading Volume Selected Presentation
Experimental Economics - Paper Session 2 - Risk, Trust and Uncertainty
Land Use, Property Rights, and Agricultural Productivity
Wellbeing of children and young addults - Lightning Session Lightning Session
International Development - Paper Session Credit and Insurance Selected Presentation
International Development - Paper Session Agricultural Development
Bioeconomic Modeling of Pest and Invasive Species
Climate Impact on Agricultural Production
Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies - AgTech Lightning Session Lightning Session
Transportation Fuels Selected Presentation
Innovations in risk management for small-holder farmers: Experimental evidence from East and Southern Africa Track Session
Crop Insurance - Current and Future Innovations
Recent changes in state, federal and international alcohol policy
Agricultural Market, Price, Information, and Consumers
The Generalizability of Student Experiments for Use in Agro-Environmental Policy-Making
Prediction, Expert Opinion, and Data in Specialty Crops
Recent Developments in Sustainable Environmental Management
Experiments on Food Choice in Specialized Populations: Food Pantry Users and Children
The Economics of Genetically Modified Foods
Machine Learning in Applied Economics
US Benefits from Foreign Assistance to Developing Country Agriculture and Food Security
Tuesday, July 23
Concurrent Sessions #4, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Session Name Session Type
New directions in research on agrifood standards and rural poverty Invited Paper
Increasing Role of Economics in Agricultural Regulatory Decisions Organized Symposium
Pollution, Health, and Environmental Policies: the Case of China
Ag Finance and Farm Management - Issues in Agricultural Lending Selected Presentation
Economics of Agri-Food Markets
Behavioral Economics and Farm Decision-Making
Commodity Price Transmission
Experimental Economics - Paper Session 1- Design
Studies of Food Retailing
U.S. Food Assistance Programs: A Focus on Food Retailers
Food Access and Nutritional Quality of Low-Income Americans and SNAP Participation
U.S. labor policy, and impact on migration and rural labor markets
International Development - Lightning Session Nutrition Lightning Session
International Development - Paper Session Education Selected Presentation
Topics in Natural Resources and Development: Lightning Session Lightning Session
Production Economics - Lightning Session: New Insights from Livestock Economics Research
Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies - Paper Session 2 Selected Presentation
Water Use and Conservation
Risk and Uncertainty -climate change and development
The Role of Weather Variability and Climate Change on Risk Management and Insurance Track Session
Recent economics and econometric developments in food consumption, nutrient demand, and binding nonnegativity constraints
Not even one drink? Exploring the relationship of alcohol and health
Agricultural Production, Supply, and Environment Concerns in China
Strategies to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Our Profession
Understanding Agricultural Producer's Challenges with Agritourism and Direct Sales Enterprises
What Lies Ahead of the U.S. Dairy Sector? Crop Insurance, Retaliatory Tariffs, and the Dairy Pride Act
New Advances in the U.S. Supplemental Poverty Measure
Career Opportunities for Graduates in Agricultural and Applied Economics
Advancements in experimental and behavioral methods used in agricultural economics
Strategies to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change in Latin America
Concurrent Sessions #5, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Session Name Session Type
USDA Forecast Quality: Current State and Paths for Improvement Invited Paper
Food waste and loss: Global perspectives and local challenges Organized Symposium
Pull mechanisms and prize contests in the field: Impacts of AgResults and other innovation incentives
Info-Metrics for Modeling and Inference
Agricultural Cooperatives and ICT Technology Application in Agriculture Selected Presentation
Behavioral Economics of Consumer Food Choice
Space and Risk in Nonmarket Valuation
Insights into Consumer Demand for Food Products: A Series of Innovative Studies Lightning Session
Risk, Risk, and Risk
Agricultural Policy and Trade in Grains Selected Presentation
Compensation, incentives and productivity
International Development - Paper Session Migration
International Development - Paper Session New Methods
Climate, Water Scarcity, and Agricultural Adaptation
Advances in Production Modeling using Improved Soil Data
Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies - Paper Session 1
Pollution Regulation, Violation and Disbelief - Paper Session 7
Risk and Uncertainty - Lightning Session 1 Lightning Session
Rural Broadband and Local Foods Selected Presentation
Innovative Methods in Teaching Agribusiness and Cooperative Education Track Session
Land Values and Land Rent under Higher Interest Rates and Growing Trade Uncertainty
Agricultural international trade: roles, influences and challenges for both China and the world
Exploring Collaborations Between Federal Reserve Banks and AAEA Members on Community Development Topics
Big Data and the Econometrics of Health
Issues Impacting Livestock, Poultry and Dairy Outlook
Global Contemporary Issues regarding Consumer Preferences for Food and Nutrition Quality
Teaching Tips from AAEA Award Winners
Farm Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Input Use and Intrahousehold Consequences
The Evolution of the U.S. Beekeeping Industry: The Shift from Producing Honey to Providing Pollination Services amid Elevated Colony Loss
Leadership Development for the Future of Ag and Applied Economics
Concurrent Sessions #6, 2:45 pm – 4:15 pm
Session Name Session Type
The Implications of a Farm Financial Downturn on Supply and Demand for Credit Invited Paper
Strengthening Growth in Global Food/Feed Demand with Challenging Policies: Implications for U.S. Crop Exports Organized Symposium
Measuring the Global Burden of Animal Diseases
Careers in Economics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The path from Agricultural and Environmental Economics training and practice to a career in Health Economics
Agribusiness Supply Chain Management and Coordination Selected Presentation
Behavioral & Institutional Economics of Agriculture & Land Use in an International Context Lightning Session
Environmental and Nonmarket Valuation - Lightning Session
Organic and Non-GMO Food Markets and Marketing Selected Presentation
U.S. Food Assistance Programs and Effects on Spending, Food Security, and Health
Eating Better? Investigations of Nutrition in Developed Countries
Technology and Productivity tradeoffs in developing nations
International Development - Paper Session Aspirations
International Trade - Multiple Research Methods
Agriculture and Water Quality
Agricultural Pest and Disease Management
Research Methods/Econometrics/Stats - Econometrics of modeling policy impacts
Environmental Justice
Rural Development, Energy, Climate Change and Social Capital Lightning Session
Teaching, Communication, and Extension - Paper Session 1 Selected Presentation
Strategic Agribusiness Sales – Training and Practice Track Session
Best Practices in Providing Technical Assistance to Food System Practitioners
Bayesian Econometrics in Agricultural Economics
Soil health and farmer decisions
Graduate Student Extension Competition Winners
The Economics of Food Safety along Supply Chains
The Role of Institutions in Environmental Management
Assessing Satellite-Based Measures of Weather and the Impact on Estimates of Agricultural Productivity and Resilience
Cocoa and Palm Oil value chains and the role of producers associations in the production systems of Latin America
Concurrent Sessions #7, 4:45 pm – 6:15 pm
Session Name Session Type
Case Study:Govermement Policies and Locally Sourced Food Invited Paper
Economics of Managing Water in Australia Organized Symposium
Topics in One Health, Zoonotic Diseases, & Biosecurity
Ag Finance and Farm Management - issues with Crop Insurance Selected Presentation
Agricultural Production Management and Profitability
Firm Behavior and Consumer Demand Lightning Session
Non-Market Impacts of Natural Disasters, Pollution, and Wildfire Selected Presentation
Consumer Response to Farm Production Standards and Certification Schemes
Dairy Policies and Trade Implications
An Assessment of Food Safety from the Farm to the Consumer
Institutions and U.S. labor supply
International Development - Paper Session Intergenerational
International Trade - Policy Impacts on Agricultural Trade Lightning Session
Climate and Forests Selected Presentation
Cropping System Economics
Research Methods/Econometrics/Stats - What’s in the data? Advances in econometrics for data irregularities and new data sources Lightning Session
Clean Water Policy and Impacts - Paper Session 6 Selected Presentation
Gender and Rural Development
Applications of Machine Learning to Predict Agricultural Land Values Track Session
Risk Management Programs and the Farm Bill
Communicating Research to Support Public Trust in Science and Evidence-based Policy
China's Farmland Reform and the Development of Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farmers
Outlook for U.S. Biofuels Policy - Impacts to the US. Crop Sector
Impact of Innovative Food Systems and Farm2School on Food Access and Food Choices
Job Market Papers in International and Development Economics
Market prices and malnutrition in developing countries
How U.S. Trade Policies Have Shaped Latin America's Food and Ag industry: Risks and Opportunities
Understanding the Economic Issues Underlying the Rural-Urban Divide

Poster Presentations

Monday, July 22, 2019, 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Marquis Ballroom A & B

(Poster Hall open 8:00 am - 5:30 pm)
Session Name Subject Code
Agribusiness Economics and Management - Poster Session Agribusiness Economics and Management
Ag Finance and Farm Management - Poster Session Ag Finance and Farm Management
Behavioral & Institutional Economics - Poster Session Behavioral & Institutional Economics
Demand and Price Analysis - Poster Session Demand and Price Analysis
Environmental and Nonmarket Valuation - Poster Session Environmental and Nonmarket Valuation
Food and Agricultural Marketing - Poster Session Food and Agricultural Marketing
Food Safety and Nutrition - Poster Session Food Safety and Nutrition
Industrial Org./Supply Chain Management - Poster Session Industrial Org./Supply Chain Management
International Development - Poster Session International Development
International Trade - Poster Session International Trade
Production Economics - Poster Session Production Economics
Research Methods/Econometrics/Stats - Poster Session Research Methods/Econometrics/Stats
Risk and Uncertainty - Poster Session Risk and Uncertainty
Teaching, Communication, and Extension - Poster Session Teaching, Communication, and Extension
Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Marquis Ballroom A & B

(Poster Hall open 8:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Session Name Subject Code
Experimental Economics - Poster Session Experimental Economics
Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis - Poster Session Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis
Household and Labor Economics - Poster Session Household and Labor Economics
Natural Resource Economics - Poster Session Natural Resource Economics
Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies - Poster Session Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies
Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis - Poster Session Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis
Rural/Community Development - Poster Session Rural/Community Development

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