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Concurrent Sessions

Types of Concurrent Sessions

All sessions are 90 minutes in duration

Invited Paper Sessions

Invited Paper sessions are selected by the AAEA President and two additional Board members based on proposals submitted by AAEA members. These sessions are chosen because they may appeal to a broad spectrum of meeting attendees, further the development and dissemination of systematic knowledge in the field of agricultural and applied economics, and/or generate meaningful conversation. Invited Paper sessions generally involve 2-3 paper presentations and ample opportunity for discussion.  Invited papers may also be published in the proceedings issue of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Invited Case Study Papers

Invited Case Study Paper sessions are selected by members of the Case Study Committee based on proposals submitted by AAEA members. Papers presented in this session demonstrate how the application of economics principles to decision making in the public and/or private sectors lead to better decisions. Papers presented in this session may be published in the Applied Economics Teaching Resources.

Track Sessions (Sponsored by AAEA Sections)

Tracks are a set of multiple sessions submitted by AAEA Sections, scheduled throughout the meeting and devoted to a common interest area or topic. Sessions can be organized by a single Section or by multiple Sections to cover a wider range of topics.

Organized Symposia

Organized Symposia are selected by the AAEA President based on proposals submitted by AAEA members. They highlight work-in-progress and involve discussions of policy issues, research methods, emerging research results, teaching or outreach topics, and issues in professional organization. The format of a session may involve paper presentations, panel discussions, debates, roundtable meetings, or other formats.

Selected Presentations

The term “Selected Presentations” refers collectively to Selected Papers and Selected Posters.

Selected Paper Sessions include up to four paper presentations. Each paper presentation is given 20 minutes; 15 minutes to present and five minutes for discussion.

Selected Presentation Lightning Session

Lightning sessions includes 8 Selected Paper Presentations. Each presenter will have nine minutes to present and discuss their paper.

Annual Meeting Starts

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