2014 AAEA Annual Meeting

2014 AAEA Annual Meeting

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2014 Posters

Agribusiness Economics and Management Section (AEM)



Shuanghui International's Strategic Acquisition of Smithfield Foods

Mary Merchant, Virginia Tech; Hongjun Tao; Fuzhou University



Economic "Feasibility Study of an Onsite Biorefinery in West Texas From Using Cotton Gin Waste
Abbes Tangaoui, Texas Tech University


China Section



The Economic Competitiveness and Carbon Dioxide Emission of Electric Vehicle in China

Xin Zhao, Purdue University; Otoo Doering; Purdue University


Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics Section (CWAE)



Illiteracy, Risk Aversion and Child Health Knowledge in Rural Guatemala

Brooke Krause, University of Minnesota



Gender Differences in Agricultural Economics

Cheryl Wachenheim, North Dakota State University



2005 EPA Impact on Ethanol Import Demand

Ekaterina Vorotnikova, University of Florida; Serhat Asci, University of Florida


Extension Section



Developing Local Food Systems in the South: Peeling Back the Layers

Harold Goodwin Jr., University of Arkansas; Ron Rainey; University of Arkansas; Sandra Martini; University of Arkansas


Food and Agricultural Marketing Policy Section (FAMPS)



Demographic and Economic Factors Affecting Demand for Brand-Level Milk in Texas

Senarath Dharmasena, Texas A&M University; Oral Capps; Texas A&M University



Tradeoffs –Biofuel versus Food Production: Empirical Measures of the Impact on Indirect Land Use and Food Prices

Zabid Lqbal, Iowa State University, Bruce Babcock, Iowa State University



Geographic Patterns in the Choice of Crop Insurance

Sulagna Sarkar, Iowa State University



An Investigation of the Public Attitudes towards Genetically Modified Organism in the United States through Comments on Web-based Social Media

Xiang Li, University of Kentucky; Michael Reed, University of Kentucky; Christopher Arends, University of Kentucky


Food and Safety Nutrition Section (FSN)



Do Supermarkets Promote Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Consumption in Urban Ghana? An Application of Non-parametric Analysis

Ting Meng, University of Georgia; Wojciech Florkowski, University of Georgia; Daniel Sarpong, University of Ghana-Legon; Manjeet Chinnan, University of Georgia; Anna Resurreccion, University of Georgia



Measuring Willingness to Pay for Calorie and Sweetener Labeling when Controlling for Taste

Karen Lewis, Arizona State University; Carola Grebitus, Arizona State University; Rodolfo M. Nayga, University of Arkansas


International Section



The Impact of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA): An Empirical Analysis of Sub-Saharan African Agricultural Exports

Addisalem Zenebe, University of Lincoln, Nebraska



A New Perspective on Infrastructure and Economics: Lessons from Afghanistan

Cheryl Wachenheim, North Dakota State University



Estimated Returns for Improved Quality of Raisins from Afghanistan

Stacy McCoy, Purdue University; Kevin McNamara, Purdue University



Potential Impacts of an Exclusionary Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on Japanese Agriculture

Amanda Leister, Colorado State University; Jada Thompson, Colorado State University



Global Consumption Patterns and the Effectiveness of Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Andrew Muhammad, USDa-Economic Research Service; Kari Heerman, USDA-Economic Research Service; Dariush Mozaffarian, Harvard School of Public Health


Latin American Section (LAS)



Structural Changes in Mexico Beef Cattle Industry: Implications to US Beef Industry

Sahar Angadjivand, USDA-Economic Research Service; Keithly Jones, USDA-Economic Research Service; Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University; Kenneth Mathews, USDA-Economic Research Service



The Economic Payoff of Creating Good Job Conditions: Theory and Evidence from Latin America

Juan Chapparro, University of Minnesota; Eduardo Lorab; Independent Researcher


Teaching, Learning, and Communication Section



Measuring Peer Effects of Team Based Learning

Georgeanne Artz, Iowa State University; Keri Jacobs, Iowa State University; Christian Boessen, University of Missouri



An Italian Food Experience in the Tuscany Region: Insights and Perspectives from a Study Abroad

Elizabeth Yeager, Purdue University



We Learned more than We Taught; New Ideas From Teaching Agriculture in Afghanistan

Cheryl Wachenheim, North Dakota State University



Utilizing Local Production Operations to Teach Agricultural Accounting Principles

Michelle Santiago, Murray State University



Incorporating Technology into Information Literacy - Making YouTube work for You

Lynn Hamilton, California Polytechnic State University; Mina Weidel, California Polytechnic State University


Agribusiness Economics and Management



Effect of Stock Split and Stock dividend Announcement on Stock Prices in Food and Agribusiness Industry

Aditya Khanal, Louisiana State University; Ashok Mishra, Louisiana State University; Krishna Koirala, PhD, Louisiana State University



Corn Ethanol Plant Investment and Divestment Decisions: Comparing Real Options and Net Present Value

William Secor, University of Minnesota; Michael Boland, University of Minnesota



Multiple Imputation in the Complex National Nursery Survey Data by Fully Conditional Specification

Wan Xu, University of Florida; Hayk Khachatryan, University of Florida



Multifunctional Activities in New England Farms: Success and Continuation

Ioana Marasteanu, The Pennsylvania State University; Chyi-Lyi Liang, University of Vermont; Stephan Goetz, The Pennsylvania State University



Energy Beet based Ethanol Investment Analysis using Real Option Value Approach

Kassu Wamisho, University of Nebraska; David Ripplinger, North Dakota State University



An Economic Model for Switchgrass Reestablishment

Choolwe Haankuku, Oklahoma State University; Francis Epplin, Oklahoma State University



Spatial and Cluster Analysis for Multifunctional Agriculture in New England Region

Chyi-Lyi Liang, University of Vermont; Julia Marasteanu, The Pennsylvania State University



Effectively Control the Risks of Colorado Potato Beetle in the Potato Industry: A Spatial Approach

Xuan Chen, University of Maine


Ag Finance and Farm Management



Pre- and Post- Recession Input Allocation Decisions of Farm Credit System Lending Units

Minrong Song, University of Georgia; Cesar Escalante, University of Georgia



The U.S. Farm Lease-Debt Relationship: Evidence from a National Survey

James Harris, USDA-Economic Research Service; Kenneth Erickson, USDA-Economic Research Service



Factors Affecting Anaerobic Digester Adoption in the West

Joleen Hadrich, Colorado State University; Dale Manning, Colorado State University



Do Farm Lenders’ Attitudes and Risk Assessment Models Encourage Organic Farms’ Debt Aversion?

Hofner Rusiana, University of Georgia; Ghangela Jones, University of Georgia; Cesar Escalante, University of Georgia



Heteroscedasticity and Estimation of Agricultural Debt

Lisha Zhang, University of Florida; Charles Moss, University of Florida



Profit and Risk Analysis of Alternative No-till and Conventional Tillage Crop Rotation Systems in East Central South Dakota

Shannon Osborne, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Bronc McMurtry, South Dakota State University; Larry Janssen, South Dakota State University; Michael Miller, South Dakota State University



New and Beginning Farm Operations: How Do they Stack Up When It Comes to Farm Finance

Robert Williams, USDA-Economic Research Service; James Harris, USDA-Economic Research Service; Ashok Mishra, Louisiana State University



Can Generous Expensing and Deprecation Provisions in the Tax Code Explain Structural Change of the U.S. Farm? An Analysis of the Use and Impact of Capital Cost Recovery Over Time

James Williamson, USDA-Economic Research Service



Dairy Farmer Willingness to Supply Animal Welfare Practices

Christopher Wolf, Michigan State University; Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University; Melissa McKendree, Kansas State University



How do Global Weather Patterns Influence Days Suitable for Fieldwork?

Tyler Mark, PhD, University of Kentucky; Jeremy D'Antoni, USDA-Economic Research Service; Terry Griffin, University of Arkansas


Behavioral Economics



Economic and Sociodemographic Drivers Associated with Vending Machine Purchasers in the United States

Rejeana Gvillo, Texas A&M University; Oral Capps, Jr., Texas A&M University; Marco Palma, Texas A&M University; Ariun Ishdorj, Texas A&M University



The Role of Innovation Premiums in Jordan Lake Water Quality Trading

Marzieh Motallebi, Colorado State University; Dana Hoag, Colorado State University



Physician Response to Patient Request for Low Value Care

Sapna Kaul, PhD, University of Utah; Anne Kirchhoff, University of Utah; Eric Campbell,



The Influence of Behavior Factors in Setting the Agricultural Future Market Prices

Amilcar Serrao, PhD, University of Evora



Financial Advisors and Their Impact on Individual Farm Household Portfolios in the United States

Abbas Aboohamidi, Texas Tech University; Benaissa Chidmi, Texas Tech University



Heterogeneity of Consumers' Preferences for Nanotechnology in Food Packaging: a Discrete Choice Experiment

Seda Erdem, University of Stirling



Disaggregated Demand for Organic Produce in the United States

Erika Styles, Fort Valley State University; Christopher Davis, USDA-Economic Research Service; Xuanli Liu, Fort Valley State University; Mack Nelson, Fort Valley State University



Do Health Monitoring Tools and Apps Reduce Healthcare Costs? Evidence Based on Panel Data from a Health Insurance Company

Linda Burbidge, PhD, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota; Kara Ross, PhD, Kansas State University


Demand and Price Analysis



U.S. Demand for Wellness and Functional Beverages and Implications on Nutritional Intake: An Application of EASI Demand System Capturing Diverse Preference Heterogeniety

Senarath Dharmasena, Texas A&M University; Oral Capps, Jr., Texas A&M University



What's for Dinner? Examining Meat Demand and Separability by Quality and Type Indianapolis vs. Seattle

Sarah Stutzman, Purdue University; James Eales, II, Purdue University



Public School Open Enrollment and Housing Capitalization

Anubhab Gupta, University of California, Davis; Satheesh Aradhyula, University of Arizona



Post Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting: An Assessment of Effects on Cattle Cash Prices

Man-Keun Kim, Utah State University; Hernan Tejeda, Utah State University



Aggregate Price Indexes for Farm Products

Christopher Taylor, USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service



US-Australia Competition for the Japanese Sorghum Market: Is it Quality Time?

Kazuyoshi Ishida, Texas Tech University



An Assessment of the Impact of Earthquakes on Global Capital Markets

Susana Ferreira, University of Georgia; Berna Karali, University of Georgia



Food Consumer Inflation Rate Convergence in the European Union with Special Emphasis on the New Member States

Zoltan Bakucs, Hungarian Academy of Sciences



Welfare Impacts of Introducing Drought-Resistant Soybeans

Jewelwayne Cain, University of Missouri; Joseph Parcell, University of Missouri



The Role of Domestic Production in Import Demand Analysis

Lisha Zhang, University of Florida; James Seale, Jr., University of Florida



A Test of Law of One Price - Using Internet Wine Price Comparison Website as an Example

Wu-Yueh Hu, National Chung Hsing University; Yu-Chen Lin, National Chung Hsing University



Estimating Beef Demand Differentiated by Quality Grade

Jillian Yoder, University of Missouri; Scott Brown, University of Missouri



Multi-markets Analysis of Cereals Prices and Price Volatility Transmission and Implication for Food Security

Michael Reed, PhD, University of Kentucky; Didier Alia, University of Kentucky


Environmental and Nonmarket Valuation



Multiple Units Public Good Provision Using Individualized Price Rules: Experimental Evidence

Pengfei Liu, University of Connecticut; Stephen Swallow, University of Connecticut



Will Consumers Pay a Premium to Reduce GHG Emissions from Beef Production? Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Experiment

Xiaogu Li, North Carolina State University; Kimberly Jensen, University of Tennessee; Christopher Clark, University of Tennessee; Dayton Lambert, University of Tennessee



Evaluating the Shadow Price of Water for Irrigation – A Case of the High Plains

Jad Ziolkowska, University of Texas at Austin



Afforestation Adoption by Eastern U.S. Cattle Producers

Kimberly Jensen, University of Tennessee; Dayton Lambert, University of Tennessee; Jun Zhang, University of Tennessee; Christopher Clark, University of Tennessee; Burton English, University of Tennessee; James Larson, University of Tennessee; Tun-Hsiang Yu, University of Tennessee; Chad Hellwinkcel, University of Tennessee



Aggregate Resource Extraction: Examining Environmental Impacts on Optimal Extraction and Reclamation Strategies

Brett Campbell, University of Alberta; Wiktor Adamowicz, University of Alberta



Consumer's Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Drought and Saline Tolerant Turfgrass in the Southern Region of the United States of America

Monika Ghimire, Oklahoma State University; Tracy Boyer, Oklahoma State University; Chanjin Chung, Oklahoma State University; Justin Moss, Oklahoma State University



It's Better Than Mothing: Modelling the Optimal Control of Gypsy Moths

James Goodenberger, The Ohio State University; Sathya Gopalakrishnan, The Ohio State University; Allen Klaiber, The Ohio State University



Water Demand Elasticities: Price Responsiveness versus Publication Bias in Metaanalysis

John Hoehn, Michigan State University; Matas Tamosinuas, Michigan State University



  Exploring the Shelf Life of Travel Cost Methods of Valuing Recreation for Benefits Transfer

Xiaoyang He, Cornell University; Muhammad Jawad Khan, Cornell University; Elizabeth Spink, Harvard University/Cornell University; Nancy Connelly, Cornell University; Shanjun Li, Cornell University; Gregory Poe, Cornell University



Environmental Valuation of Unlabeled Technology Adoption: Theory and Application to Tomato Production and Consumption

Jianfeng Gao, Virginia Tech; George Norton, Virginia Tech



The Impact of Location and Proximity on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Renewable and Alternative Electricity: The Case of West Virginia

Alan Collins, West Virginia University; Kofi Nkansah, West Virginia University



Farmer Decision-Making on Enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program

Cheryl Wachenheim, North Dakota State University; William Lesch, University of North Dakota


Experimental Economics



Trust and Group Participation in Rural Development Activities

Maria-Alexandra Peralta-Sanchez, Michigan State University; Robert Shupp, Michigan State University



Consumers’ Valuation for Reduced Salt Labeling: A Non-hypothetical Choice Experiment

Sang Hyeon Lee, Texas A&M University; Doo Bong Han, Korea University; Rodolfo Nayga, University of Arkansas; Vincenzina Caputo, Korea University



Assessment of Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Quality Seed Potato Using Dynamic Experimental Auctions: the Case of Smallholder Potato Growers in Tanzania

Julius Okello, PhD, International Potato Center; Carl Lagerkvist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Rogers Kakuhenzire, International Potato Center; Elmar Schulte-Geldermann, International Potato Center



Is Investing in Communication Worth it? An Experimental Study of Communication in a Relational Contract Setting

Sharon Skorbiansky, Purdue University; Steven Wu, Purdue University



Possibility of Losing Own Money Promotes Learning to Overcome Bounded Rationality

Yu Zhang, Texas A&M University; Rodolfo Nayga, University of Arkansas; Dinah Depositario, University of Philippines



Networks and Learning about Agricultural Technologies

Emilia Tjernström, University of California, Davis


Food and Agricultural Marketing



Consumers’ Preferences for the Food Preparation Time and Identification of the Factors Influencing Time-saving Food Consumption Pattern

Elizabeth Kim, Korea University; Byeong-il Ahn, Korea University



Respondent Screening and SARP: Testing Quarantining Methods for Better Data Quality in Web Panel Surveys

Michael Jones, University of Florida; Lisa House, University of Florida; Zhifeng Gao, PhD, University of Florida



Can we Reduce Attribute Non-attendance, Satisficing Behavior, and WTP Bias in Online Samples? Evidence from a US Blueberry Experiment

Michael Jones, University of Florida; Zhifeng Gao, PhD, University of Florida; Lisa House, University of Florida



Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences for Nanotechnology and Genetic-Modification Technology in Food Products

Chengyan Yue, University of Minnesota; Shuoli Zhao, University of Minnesota; Jonanthan Brown, University of Minnesota; Jennifer Kuzma, North Carolina State University



Media Coverage Effect of Grapefruit-Medication Interactions on Consumers’ Grapefruit Consumption

Hyeyoung Kim, University of Florida; Lisa House, University of Florida; Matthew Salois, Florida Department of Citrus



The Effects of Media Coverage of the Nestle Cookie Dough Recall on the Demand for Close Substitutes

Abhishek Bharad, Louisiana State University; R. Wes Harrison, Louisiana State University; Christopher Davis, USDA-Economic Research Service



Timing in Commodity Marketing: How Do Producers Decide the “Right” Moment to Price Their Crop?

Fabio Mattos, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Stefanie Fryza, Canadian Wheat Board



The Effect of U.S. International Food Assistance on U.S. Prices for Lentils and Peas

Joseph Janzen, Montana State University; Sarah Janzen, University of California, Davis



What Drives Wine Expenditure in the United States? A Four-State Wine Market Segmentation and Consumer Behaviors Study

Xueting Deng, University of Kentucky; Timothy Woods, University of Kentucky



Factors Influencing Entry and Exit Rate of US Farms

Yiyang Yin, North Carolina State University; Tomislav Vukina, North Carolina State University


Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis



Hispanic Immigrants Opinions Towards Immigration and Immigration Policy Reform

Grace Melo, University of Georgia; Gregory Colson, University of Georgia; Octavio Ramirez, University of Georgia



The Impact of the Recent Federal Reserve Large-Scale Asset Purchases on the Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Historical Decomposition

Michael Reed, PhD, University of Kentucky; Sayed Saghaian, University of Kentucky



Factors Affecting Adoption of Improved Rice Varieties and Its Impact on Farm Income: Evidence from Central Nepal

Raju Ghimire, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology; Wen-Chi Huang, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology



The Impact of a Potential Countervail on the Olive Oil Market in the United States

Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis; Bo Xiong, PhD, University of California, Davis



How Does a Warm Spell Influence Public Attitudes about Agricultural Climate Change Adaptation Policies? An Evidence of Natural Experiment from Michigan

Scott Loveridge, Michigan State University; Gi-Eu Lee, Michigan State University; Julie Winkler, Michigan State University



Perceived Barriers to Purchasing Healthy Foods vs. Access in Underserved Areas across the Northeast

Alessandro Bonanno, Wageningen University; Lauren Chenarides, The Pennsylvania State University



Linking Livestock Health Inputs to Household Nutrition Intake

Miaoru Liu, Washington State University; Thomas Marsh, Washington State University



Impact of WIC program on Food Purchases

Helen Jensen, Iowa State University; Miyoung Oh, Iowa State University



An Analysis of Pricing in the United States Dairy Industry

Yuliya Bolotova, Clemson University; Andrew Novakovic, PhD, Cornell University



Adverse Gaming Incentives in Future Farm Safety Net Programs: Evidence from the Milk Income Loss Contract

John Newton, The Ohio State University; Cameron Thraen, PhD, The Ohio State University; Mark Stephenson, Cornell University



Can the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) Help to Reduce Food Price Volatility?

Jan Brockhaus, Center for Development Research; Matthias Kalkuhl, PhD, Center for Development Research



Designing Financial Incentives to Maximize Participation of Target Populations in Weight Loss Programs

Yuan Yuan, Virginia Tech; Wen You, Virginia Tech; Kevin Boyle, Virginia Tech; Barbara Kanninen



Revisiting the Green Revolution: Implications for Global Food Security

Uris Lantz Baldos, Purdue University; Thomas Hertel, Purdue University



Externalities Associated with Imported Spinach Seeds

Christine Carroll, University of California, Davis; Colin Carter, University of California, Davis; Krishna Subbarao, University of California, Davis



Has GMO Crop Technology Backfired?: Exploring whether Increasing Glyphosate Application Rates among U.S. Corn Growers has been Driven by the Spread of Glyphosate-resistant Weeds

Dallas Wood, North Carolina State University



Rice Farmer’s Preferences towards Marketing Policy Alternatives in Thailand

Uchook Duangbootsee, Michigan State University



Analysis of Various Household Expenditures at Urban Households in the Republic of Uganda: A Multivariate Tobit Approach

Padmanand Madhavan Nambiar, University of Georgia; Wojciech Florkowski, University of Georgia; Manjeet Chinnan, University of Georgia; Anna Resurreccion, University of Georgia



Managing North American Sugar Supplies with Biofuel Production

David Ripplinger, North Dakota State University


Food Safety and Nutrition



Family Eating Behaviors, Race and Weight in the United States

Jane Kolodinsky, PhD, University of Vermont



Food Stamps and Food Expenditures: A Meta-analysis

Timothy Beatty, University of Minnesota; Joel Cuffey, University of Minnesota



Comparing the Relationship Between Food Store Access and Dietary Health Across Different Measures of Food Access

Lisa Mancino, USDA-Economic Research Service; Michele Ver Ploeg, USDA-Economic Research Service; Ryan Williams, Texas Tech University



The Food Safety Performance of Chicken Suppliers to the National School Lunch Program

Michael Ollinger, USDA-Economic Research Service; Casiano Benicio, Keller Graduate School of Management; James Wilkus, USDA-Food Safety and Inspection Service



Is It Worth the Time? Analyzing the Interaction of Money Price, Time Price, and Nutrition Quality

Yanliang Yang, Virginia Tech; George Davis, Virginia Tech; Mary Muth, RTI International



Does Agricultural Trade (Liberalisation) Cause Child Malnutrition?

Sébastien Mary, European Commission - Joint Research Centre - IPTS; Sergio Gomez Y Paloma, European Commission - Joint Research Centre - IPTS



Consumer Attitudes toward the Use of Gene Technology in Functional Breakfast Grain Products: Comparison between College Students from the U.S. and China

Nanying Wang, University of Georgia; Jack Houston, Jr., University of Georgia



Private and Government Food Safety Audits: Theory and Evidence from Dairy Sector in Kyrgyzstan

Alexander Saak, International Food Policy Research Institute



The Influence of Unit Pricing on Snack Food Choices

Sean Cash, Tufts University; Anna McAlister, Michigan State University; Chen Lou, Michigan State University



Actions towards Food Safety: Label-choosing or Self-protection

Yuan Chen, University of California, Davis; Shiwen Quan, Renmin University of China; Yinchu Zeng, Renmin University of China



Dietary Acculturation: A Case Study of International Students

Bhagyashree Katare, University of Minnesota



Factors Influencing Adolescent BMI in Urban China

Carl Anfinson, North Dakota State University; Thomas Wahl, North Dakota State University; James Seale, Jr., University of Florida; Junfei Bai, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Household and Labor Economics



Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from One Child Policy in China

Hui Wang, Michigan State University



An Econometric Approach to Forecast Farm Labor for Perennial Labor Intensive Agricultural Crops

Xiaojiao Jiang, Washington State University; Rosa Gallardo, Washington State University; Michael Brady, Washington State University



Gender Bias in Top Executives: A Diagnosis from Stock Market

Wen Chen, Washington State University



Off-farm Labor Supply Effects of Farm Mechanization

Md Mansur Ahmed, North Carolina State University; Barry Goodwin, North Carolina State University



Determinants of Tree Planting on Farms in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti: Livelihood Diversification, Land Tenure and Environment

Emilie Perge, Columbia University; Clare Sullivan, Columbia University



Strengthening Producer Organizations in Uganda: The Impact on Farm Labour and Non-labour Inputs

Markus Olapade, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation; Markus Froelich, University of Mannheim; Ruth Hill, International Food Policy Research Institute; Eduardo Maruyama, IFPRI



Career Incentives in Arm's Length Contracts: Evidence from Chilean Wine-Grape Markets

Pilar Jano, University of Wisconsin; Brent Hueth, University of Wisconsin--Madison



Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Farm Household Labor Allocation

Elton Mykerezi, University of Minnesota; Gentian Kostandini, University of Georgia


Industrial Org./Supply Chain Management



Effects of Alternative Marketing Arrangements on Spot Market Price Distribution in the U.S. Hog Market

Jong-Jin Kim, Korea Rural Economic Institute; Xiaoyong Zheng, North Carolina State University



Successive Market Power and Contracts of Finished Products

Tian Xia, Kansas State University; Xianghong Li, Kansas State University



Does Passion for Wine Matter? The Effects of Owner Motivation in Non-traditional Wine Regions

Jie Li, Cornell University; Miguel Gomez, Cornell University



Incentives for Non-Price Competition in the California WIC Program

Patrick McLaughlin, University of California, Davis



Does Contract Enforceability Deter the Participation of Small-Scale Producers in Kenya's French Bean Export Market?

Stephanie Rosch, Purdue University; David Ortega, Michigan State University



Competitive Interactions between Grain Railroad Rates and Barge Rates on the Mississippi Waterway

Juan Murguia, North Dakota State University; David Hennessy, Iowa State University


Institutional Economics


Measuring the Potential for Self-governance: An Approach for the Management of the Common-pool Resources

Sergio Colin-Castillo, Centro de Estudios Socio Economicos (CISE); Richard Woodward, Texas A&M University


International Development



Effects of Peers on Agricultural Productivity in Rural Northern India

Tisorn Songsermsawas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Katherine Baylis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ashwini Chhatre, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign



Causes and Consequences of Macroeconomic Challenges Facing Low-Income Countries as a Complex Economic System

Senarath Dharmasena, Texas A&M University; David Bessler, Texas A&M University



Do the Manufacturing Industries in Taiwan Transfer their Polluting Production via Foreign Direct Investment?

Tsung Yu Yang, North Carolina State University



Re-imagining Cost Recovery in Pakistan's Irrigation System

Patrick Ward, PhD, International Food Policy Research Institute; Andrew Bell, International Food Policy Research Institute; M. Azeem Shah, International Water Management Institute



The Economic Impact of Global Food Price Increase on Africa Least Developed Countries: An Application of the Common Agricultural Policy Regionalized Impact (CAPRI) Model

Jean-baptiste Wendkouni Zongo, National Taiwan University; Huey-Lin Lee, National Chengchi University; Ching-Cheng Chang, Academia Sinica; Shih-Hsun Hsu, National Taiwan University



Mother’s Education and Child Health Outcomes in Burkina Faso: Is there a Strong Causal Relationship?

Eugenie Maiga, African Center for Economic Transformation



Adoption of Nutritionally Enhanced Sweetpotato Varieties: the Role of Household Food Insecurity and Knowledge of Nutritional Benefits

Julius Okello, PhD, International Potato Center; Kirimi Sindi, International Potato Center; Kelvin Shikuku, International Potato Center; Jan Low, International Potato Center; Margaret McEwan, International Potato Center



The Role of Gender and Farmer Attitudes in the Adoption of Bio-fortified Food Crops: The Case of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Growers in Tanzania

Kelvin Shikuku,, International Potato Center; Julius Okello,, International Potato Center; Kirimi Sindi, International Potato Center; Jan Low, International Potato Center; Margaret McEwan, International Potato Center



How the Rural-urban Linkages Determine the Nonfarm Activities and Incomes of Rural Household, Evidences from Five Provinces in China

Chaoran Hu, Michigan State University; Thomas Reardon, Michigan State University; Songqing Jin, Michigan State University; Kevin Chen, IFPRI-Beijing



A Culture of Savings: Exploring Historical Legacies in Contemporaneous Savings and Investment Behavior in Eastern Europe

Sarah Walker, University of Wisconsin



Do Remittances Alter Household Nutrition? Evidence from Rural Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Rosemary Isoto, The Ohio State University; David Kraybill, The Ohio State University



Social Learning in Technology Adoption: Spatial Econometric Analyses of Rice Farmers in Tanzania

Yuko Nakano, University of Tsukuba; Takuji Tsusaka, PhD, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Valerien Pede, PhD, International Rice Research Institute



The Impact of Agricultural Productivity on Urbanization: A Varying Coefficient Regression Analysis

Xiaofei Li, Purdue University; Raymond Florax, Purdue University; Brigitte Waldorf, Purdue University



Specialization or Risk Reduction: The Effect of Agricultural Diversity on Poverty Persistence in Ethiopia

Jeffrey Michler, Purdue University; Anna Josephson, Purdue University



Farmer Preferences for Attributes of Conservation Agriculture in Uganda

Kate Vaiknoras, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; George Norton, Virginia Tech; Jeffrey Alwang, Virginia Tech; Daniel Taylor, Virginia Tech; Barry Weixler-Landis, Virginia Tech; Gertrude Nakakeeto, Virginia Tech



 Effect of Credit Constraints on Children's School Performance in Vietnam

Yoon Sun Hur, University of Minnesota



Determinants of Smallholder Agricultural Investment: An Application to Rural China

Ethan Young, University of Wisconsin; Guanming Shi, University of Wisconsin; Brian Gould, University of Wisconsin; Xiangyi Meng, Central University of Finance and Economics



Adjustment of Import Demand for Corn in Mexico: Implications for U.S. Ethanol Mandate

Dong Hee Suh, University of Florida



Destination Choice of People in Rural China Doing Nonfarm Work, A Nested LOGIT Model

Chaoran Hu, Michigan State University



Intangible Knowledge Capital and Innovation in China

William McGuire, University of Washington Tacoma; Belton Fleisher, The Ohio State University; Adam Smith, ; Mi Zhou, Agricultural Bank of




Effect of Women’s Empowerment on Children Well-being in Northern Ghana

Yacob Zereyesus, Kansas State University; Kara Ross, PhD, Kansas State University; Aleksan Shanoyan, Kansas State University; Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University



An Empirical Analysis of Household Well-being in Northern Ghana

Yacob Zereyesus, Kansas State University; Aleksan Shanoyan, Kansas State University; Kara Ross, Kansas State University; Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University



The Dynamic Implication of Agricultural Research and Development Investment for Economic Development

Michael Reed, PhD, University of Kentucky; Didier Alia, University of Kentucky



Push and Pull Factors Associated with Migration in Nepal: An Economic Perspective

Madhav Regmi, Louisiana State University; Krishna Paudel, Louisiana State University; Deborah Williams, Louisiana State University