2014 AAEA Annual Meeting

2014 AAEA Annual Meeting

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#162-240 2014 AAEA Annual Meeting Posters

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International Trade
Natural Resource Economics
Production Economics
Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies
Research Methods/Econometrics/Stats
Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis
Risk and Uncertainty
Rural/Community Development
Teaching/Communication, and Extension

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International Trade

162 Do Trade Agreements Increase Food Trade?
Irfan Mujahid, Center for Development Research

163 Asymmetric Price Transmission and Volatility Spillovers
Feng Qiu, University of Alberta

164 EU Banana Trade Preference Erosion and Economic Growth: A Case of the Windward Island
Frank Nti, Kansas State University

165 How Sustainable Energy Trend gives Producers Benefits: A Case of Southeast Asian Palm Oil
Koichi Yamaura, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; Jason Fewell, University of Tennessee; Pedro Garay, Kansas State University

166 Towards a Global Carbon Dioxide Market: Shadow Pricing CO2 Across Countries
Flavius Badau, Oregon State University

167 Trade Impacts of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreaks
Umesh Bastola, Washington State University; Thomas Marsh, Washington State University

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Natural Resource Economics

168 Public Health Effects of Natural Resource Degradation: Evidence from Deforestation in Indonesia
Teevrat Garg, Cornell University

169 Wetlands as Storm Buffers: Case Studies from Louisiana
James Boutwell, Louisiana State University; John Westra, Louisiana State University

170 Effects of Weather Shocks on Agricultural Commodity Prices in Central Asia
Alisher Mirzabaev, Center for Development Research

171 Motivations to Grow Energy Crops: The Role of Crop and Contract Attributes
Madhu Khanna, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jordan Louviere, University of South Australia; Xi Yang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

172 Economic Analysis of the Role of Forest Biomass in Bioenergy Production in Southern US
Weiwei Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Madhu Khanna, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Puneet Dwivedi, University of Georgia; Robert Abt, North Carolina State University

173 Willingness to Pay for-Sensor Controlled Irrigation
Erik Lichtenberg, University of Maryland; John Majsztrik, University of Maryland; Monica Saavoss, University of Maryland

174 Optimal Harvest Time for Seriola Rivoliana (Kona Blue) with Soy Mariculture Diet
Subir Bairagi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Richard Perrin, University of Nebraska; Lilyan Fulginiti, University of Nebraska

175 Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Agricultural Production in Pacific Northwest: Distributional Effects and Uncertainties
John Antle, Oregon State University; Jianhong Mu, Oregon State University; Hongliang Zhang, Oregon State University

176 An Assessment of Variable Importance when Predicting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Beef Output and Land Use of German Dairy Farms
Monika Zehetmeier, Technische Universität München; Monika Zehetmeier, Technische Universität München; Donal O'Brien, Teagasc; Helmut Hoffmann, Technische Universität München

177 A DEA-PCA Sustainability Metric for Processing Vegetable Crops
Nicola Wille, University of Wisconsin; Paul Mitchell, University of Wisconsin; Fengxia Dong, University of Wisconsin; Virginia Moore, University of Wisconsin; Deana Knuteson, University of Wisconsin; Jefferey Wyman, University of Wisconsin

178 Effects of Increased Environmental Regulation of Livestock Operations on Manure Applications at Crop Farms
Stacy Sneeringer, USDA-Economic Research Service; Nigel Key, USDA-Economic Research Service

179 Agricultural Productivity and Soil Carbon Dynamics: a Bio-economic Model
Julia Berazneva, Cornell University; Jon Conrad, Cornell University; David Guerena, Cornell University

180 Vulnerability of Public Rangelands to Climate Change in the Southwest United States
Michael Hand, US Forest Service; Travis Warziniack, US Forest Service; Henry Eichman, US Forest Service

181 Factors that Affect Water Quality at the Watershed Level: Evidence from Florida
Juhyun Oh, University of Florida; Zhengfei Guan, University of Florida; Gurpal Toor, University of Florida

182 Economic Feasibility study of an Onsite Biorefinery in West Texas From Using Cotton Gin Waste
Abbes Tangaoui, Jr., Texas Tech University

183 Adoption and Intensification of In-field Conservation Practices under Risk
Elizabeth Canales, Kansas State University; Jason Bergtold, Kansas State University; Jeffery Williams, Kansas State University; Jeffrey Peterson, Kansas State University

184 Threshold Effects on Climate Change Policy
Morteza Chalak, University of Western Australia; David Pannell, University of Western Australia

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Production Economics

185 On the Modeling of Precipitation and Surface Water as Agricultural Inputs for the Analysis of Drought Impacts on Agricultural Income
Marcelo Torres, University of Brasilia; Richard Howitt, University of California, Davis; Lineu Rodrigues, EMBRAPA

186 Strategic Interactions Among Private and Public Efforts when Preventing and Stamping Out an Highly Infectious Animal Disease
Tong Wang, Texas AgriLife Research; David Hennessy, Iowa State University

187 Perennial Supply – Substitution in Bearing Acreage Decisions
Peter Tozer, Washington State University; Thomas Marsh, Washington State University; Xiaojiao Jiang, Washington State University

188 Selection of Breeding Stock by U.S. Meat Goat Producers: A Conjoint Approach
Narayan Nyaupane, Louisiana State University; Jeffrey Gillespie, Louisiana State University; Kenneth McMillin, Louisiana State University; Robert Harrison, Louisiana State University

189 Substitution Elasticities between Polluting and Nonpolluting Inputs in Agricultural Production: A Meta-Regression
Boying Liu, Washington State University; C. Richard Shumway, Washington State University

190 Social Ecological Food Systems: Lessons from Maine Organic Dairy’s Economic Networks
Julia B. McGuire, University of Maine; Xuan Chen, University of Maine

191 VSH Queens: Factors Influencing their Adoption
Julie Leiby, Louisiana State University; John Westra, Louisiana State University

192 Evaluation of Long-term Economic Consequences of Continuous and Multi-paddock Grazing in Southern Tallgrass Prairie
Tong Wang, Texas AgriLife Research; Seong Park, Texas AgriLife Research; Richard Teague, Texas AgriLife Research; Stan Bevers, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

193 Dynamic Agricultural Supply Response: a Generalized Method of Moments Approach
Kassu Wamisho, University of Nebraska

194 Switchgrass Lignin Regulation and Ethanol Production Cost
Amadou Gouzaye, Oklahoma State University; Francis Epplin, Oklahoma State University; Malay Saha, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Desalegn Serba, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

195 Analysis of the Effect of Amount of Irrigated Water Applied on Agricultural Productivity
Federico Trindade, RA, University of Nebraska

196 Accounting for Unobserved Heterogeneity in Micro-econometric Agricultural Production Models: a Random Parameter Approach
Alain Carpentier, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique; Fabienne Femenia, INRA

197 An Economic Analysis of Fumigation Alternatives, the Methyl Bromide Ban, and its Implication: Evidence from the Florida Tomato Industry
Xiang Cao, University of Florida; Zhengfei Guan, University of Florida; Gary Vallad, University of Florida

198 On Modelling Dynamic Acreage Choices with Crop Rotation Effects
Alain Carpentier, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

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Productivity Analysis and Emerging Technologies

199 Purging Heterogeneity from Technical inefficiency Estimation in a Stochastic Frontier Model
Kassu Wamisho, University of Nebraska

200 Impacts of Technological Assumptions on Agricultural Yield Forecasts under Climate Change
Leslie Verteramo Chiu, Cornell University; Joshua Woodard., Cornell University

201 Measuring Technical Efficiency in a Small-Scale Fishery: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis to an Inland Fishery in the North Side of Mexico
Sergio Colin-Castillo, Centro de Estudios Socio Economicos (CISE)

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Research Methods/Econometrics/Stats

202 Can Explicit Price Reminder Reduce the Hypothetical Bias in Online Choice Experiment?
Kar Ho Lim, Korea University; Wuyang Hu, University of Kentucky

203 Body Mass Index of Adolescent and Adult Survivors of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Gina Nam, Huntsman Cancer Institute; Sapna Kaul, PhD, University of Utah; Anne Kirchhoff, University of Utah; Yelena Wu, Huntsman Cancer Institute; Richard Nelson, University of Utah

205 Multiple Imputation of Farm Debt in ARMS
Mitchell Morehart, USDA-Economic Research Service; Meng Xue, USDA-Economic Research Service; Jennifer Ifft, USDA-Economic Research Service

206 Peer Effects in Agricultural Extension: Evidence of Endogenous Social Interaction in the Performance of Community Knowledge Workers (CKWs) in Uganda
Festus Amadu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Paul McNamara, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Kathy Baylis, Illinois State University

207 Women, Family, and Training. Is it too Late for Learning?
Maria Bampasidou, University of Florida

208 Assessing Local Vulnerability to Climate Change in Agriculture for Latin America and the Caribbean: a Panel Data Approach
Santiago Guerrero, Banco de Mexico; Miriam Juarez-Torres, Economist, Banco de Mexico; Adán Martinez-Cruz, FAO of the United Nations

209 Assessing Local Vulnerability to Climate Change in Agriculture: an Expert Elicitation Approach
Santiago Guerrero, Banco de Mexico; Miriam Juarez-Torres, Economist, Banco de Mexico; Adán Martinez-Cruz, FAO of the United Nations

210 Corn Production, Cultivated Area and Price Responses to Climate Change in Mexico
Santiago Guerrero, Banco de Mexico; Miriam Juarez-Torres, Economist, Banco de Mexico

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Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis

211 Putting a Price on Trash: Does Charging for Food Waste Reduce Total Waste? The Case of Korea
Nahyeon Bak, University of Minnesota; Jay Coggins, University of Minnesota

212 Crop Choice, Rotational Effects and Water Quality Consequence in Up-Mississippi River Basin: Connecting SWAT Model with Dynamic Land Use Model
Yongjie Ji, Iowa state University; Catherine Kling, Iowa State University; Sergey Rabotyagov, University of Washington

213 The Potential Costs of Invasive Pests: Conehead Termites in Florida
Sergio Alvarez, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

214 Additionality in Conservation Easements Programs: Grassland Easements in the Prairie Pothole Region
Jeffrey Savage, USDA-Economic Research Service; Roger Claassen, USDA-Economic Research Service; Vincent Breneman, USDA-Economic Research Service; Chuck Loesch, Fish and Wildlife Service; Ryan Williams, Texas Tech University

215 Cost-Effectiveness of Reverse Auctions for Watershed Nutrient Reductions in the Presence of Climate Variability
Adriana Valcu, Iowa State University; Sergey Rabotyagov, University of Washington; Catherine Kling, Iowa State University; Philip Gassman, Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development, Iowa State University

216 Evaluating the Physical Quality of an Energy Crop during Storage from a Preprocessing Technology in Feedstock Supply System
Tun-Hsiang Yu, University of Tennessee; Krystel Castillo-Villar, University of Texas, San Antonio; James Larson, University of Tennessee; Burton English, University of Tennessee; Christopher Boyer, University of Tennessee

217 Are There Gender Differences in the Perceived Impact of Land Security?: Evidence from Urban Lesotho
Rie Muraoka, Michigan State University; Mywish K. Maredia, and Songqing Jin

218 Conversion of Shipping Fleets from Diesel to Compressed Natural Gas: A Real Options Analysis
Hui Xian, University of Georgia; Berna Karali, University of Georgia; Gregory Colson, University of Georgia; Michael Wetzstein, University of Georgia

219 State-Dependent Land-Use Responses
Feng Qiu, University of Alberta; Larry Laliberte, University of Alberta

220 Achieving Low Emissions Growth for Rice Cultivation in Vietnam: A role for behavioral constraints
Tulika Narayan, Abt Associates Inc.; Anna Belova, Abt Associates Inc.

221 An Economic Evaluation of Early Adoption of Trunk Disease Preventative Practices in Winegrape Vineyards
Kendra Baumgartner, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Renaud Travadon, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Monica Cooper, University of California Cooperative Extension; Vicken Hillis, University of California, Davis; Jonathan Kaplan, California State University; Mark Lubell, University of California, Davis

222 Factors Influencing Willingness to Participate in Wetland Ecosystem Restoration: Evidence from China
Zhengfei Guan, University of Florida; Honggen Zhu, Jiangxi Agricultural Univerisity

223 Farmers’ Willingness to Grow Oilseeds as a Biofuel Feedstock for Jet Fuel: A Latent Class Model Approach
Jason Bergtold, Kansas State University; Graciela Andrango, Kansas State University; Aleksan Shanoyan, Kansas State University; David Archer, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Cornelia Flora, Iowa State University

224 Economic and Political Equilibrium for a Renewable Natural Resource with International Trade
Keith Knapp, University of California, Riverside; Wen Kong, University of California

225 Measuring the Accuracy of Engineering Models in Predicting Energy Savings from Home Retrofits: Evidence from Monthly Billing Data
Joseph Maher, University of Maryland

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Risk and Uncertainty

226 Land Development and Wildfire Risk: A Case of Moral Hazard
Jeffrey Ferris, University of Maryland

227 Policy Induced Price Volatility Transmission: Linking the U.S. Crude Oil, Corn and Plastics Markets
Jingze Jiang, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; Thomas Marsh, Washington State University; Peter Tozer, Washington State University

228 Are Agricultural Contract and Crop Insurance Complements or Substitutes: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Xiaoxue Du, University of California, Berkeley; Jennifer Ifft, USDA-Economic Research Service; Liang Lu, University of California, Berkeley; David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley

229 Efficiency Gains in Cotton Price Forecasting Using Different Levels of Data Aggregation
Luis Pena-Levano, Purdue University; Octavio Ramirez, University of Georgia

230 Effectiveness Marketing Strategies and Risk Measurement in the Sugarcane Industry
Daniel Capitani., Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory; Fabio Mattos, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Carlos Xavier, University of Sao Paulo

231 Does the Absence of Demand Side Variability in Stochastic Partial Equilibrium Modeling Bias Outcomes? Facts and Evidence from Brazil
Deepayan Debnath, University of Missouri; Patrick Westhoff, University of Missouri; Wyatt Thompson, University of Missouri

232 Diversifying Systemic Risk in Agriculture---A Copula-based Approach
Xiaoguang Feng, Iowa State University; Dermot Hayes, Iowa State University

233 Hedging Crude Oil and Corn Futures: An Application in International Trade
Xin Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Rural/Community Development

234 Determinants of Spatial Variation in Economic Development in Rural Forests in the United States
Kent Kovacs, University of Arkansas; Robert Haight, US Forest Service

235 Can Traction Animals Be an Alternative to Large Family Size?
Frederic Ouedraogo, Oklahoma State University; B. Wade Brorsen, Oklahoma State University

236 The Evolution of Community Development in the United States
Elizabeth Dobis, Purdue University; Michael Delgado, Purdue University; Raymond Florax, Purdue University

237 The Role of Peasant Marketing Institutions in Market Access for Smallholders: A Micro-evidence from Rural Java
Shinya Ikeda, Tohoku University; Hitoshi Yonekura, Tohoku University

238 The Employment Impacts of Service-Learning Classes
Jeffrey Dorfman, University of Georgia; Paul Matthews, University of Georgia; Xuedong Wu, University of Georgia

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Teaching, Communication, and Extension

239 Student Evaluation of a Training Program in International Agricultural Development
Jon Phillips, California Polytechnic State University

240 Technology, Access, and Learning. Is Having the PowerPoints the Same as Learning?
Margaretha Rudstrom, University of Minnesota

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