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Communicating Out Strategy

As Jill mentions in this issue’s President’s Column, work is under way in developing and implementing AAEA’s new Communicating Out strategy. It’s a new way of thinking about how to promote the Association and its members.

The objective is to position AAEA and its members as a “go-to” resource for decision makers at federal agencies, congressional staffers, funding entities, media, industry, NGOs, consumer groups, other stakeholders, and non-member academics by providing reliable and credible insights on topics related to agricultural economics, applied economics, and economics generally.

The strategy is a multi-layer approach that includes new committees, a new emphasis on how we communicate both inside and outside AAEA, while utilizing the resources we already have; members who do amazing work in their respective fields that can and should be recognized in new ways.

Three new committees were formed, or reformed, to help achieve our goals. The Communications and Publications are now separate entities, each with a more specific mission, and there is a new Government Relations Committee.

The Communications Committee is focused on how to get information out to mass media, on social media, and to industry and consumer groups. The Publications Committee is focused more on, well, publications. We are working closely with our editor, Oxford University Press, on how to better highlight the articles that go into our two journals; American Journal of Agricultural Economics and Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. Choices magazine along with The Exchange will also play a role in the communicating out strategy. The Government Relations Committee will work with C-FARE to reach relevant audiences in Washington, DC, such as congressional staffers, federal agencies and their staff, funding agencies, and NGOs.

Another part of the strategy included hiring a new position for the AAEA business office. Jay Saunders is our new Communications Manager. He comes to AAEA after 15 years in television news and government public relations and media relations. He will be the “go-to” person for media requests and communication with members about how to properly promote timely and important research. If you have questions, Jay’s email address is or email AAEA at

Look for some changes coming to our website,, in the coming months. Not only will there be a new look, but we will include press releases we’ve written, examples of AAEA members in the media, and resources for members on how to promote research.

So how do members play a part in this strategy? It’s pretty simple: keep doing what you’re doing. However, if you think there is a study or paper that could be beneficial for a larger audience outside the profession, let us know.

This is an exciting undertaking, and one we hope members will see as beneficial. The goal is simple: enhance the visibility of AAEA and its members, and to enhance the visibility and value of the science and the profession.