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February 2016 Issue 3


AAEA Trust Member Profile:

Mohammad Jahangir Alam
Bangladesh Agricultural University

You won the 2015 Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship for your research proposal: Analysing the Determinants of Farmer`s and Miller`s Participation in the Public Rice Procurement Program in Bangladesh: Implication for Sustainable Food Security, how is your research progressing?
I feel honored that I have won the Uma Lele Fellowship 2015. I am confident that this will enable me to work on an issue which has captivated my attention for a while. The progress of research is going well. I am doing literature review, cleaning and preparing data matrix. Hope I can speed up my analysis and can start writing a paper right after completion of my current research stay at Cornell University.

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2016 AAEA Annual Meeting EXECON Pre-conference Workshop
The “How-To” of Experimental Economics in Agricultural, Environmental & Applied Research

Hosted by the new Experimental Economics Section, the objective of this AAEA pre-conference workshop is to teach how to run economic experiments. The primary purpose is to contribute to the attendees’ understanding of the research methods and tools for using experimental economics to analyze individual decision-making. The workshop program includes three speakers who will help provide the nuts-and-bolts details of running an experiment.
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Renew Your AAEA Membership for 2016

You can now renew your AAEA membership for 2016 on the AAEA website. Simply log in to the “My Account” section to renew. Completing your renewal online saves you time by filling out most of the information for you automatically.

The benefits of your AAEA membership only last through the spring of 2016, so be sure to renew soon to ensure that you keep receiving services from AAEA throughout the upcoming year.

2016 Teaching, Learning, and Communication Section: Graduate Student Teaching Award 

The TLC Section is an active group of AAEA members interested in the theory, scholarship, and practice of learning, teaching, and communication. Given that a large majority of AAEA members have responsibilities in these three areas, the TLC’s activities are developed to enhance members’ skills in the on-campus classroom, off-campus workshop, and in a presentation to a community group.
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Update from the Food Safety & Nutrition (FSN) Section

Looking back at 2015- it was a great year for our section! We sponsored a successful post-conference workshop on "Applying Behavioral and Experimental Economics to Food and Agri-Environmental Issues", co-organized 10 track sessions and one invited paper session. Thus, we have great plans for the 2016 Annual Meetings and we look forward to sharing more details about our track sessions and planned events with you over the coming months. You may already mark your calendars for the FSN Breakfast and Business meeting, which will take place on Sunday morning, July 31 at 9:30 AM. If you are not a member of our section (yet), we would like to encourage you to stop by this event. We are looking forward to seeing newcomers and regulars. Members in our section address a wide range of research topics in the areas of food safety, nutrition, and health economics.
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Other News

Scanner Data Workshop Announcement

The Economic Research Service (ERS) is sponsoring a workshop, April 18-19, 2016 for researchers who are currently using IRI scanner data or who are interested in learning more about the data for food policy studies. The aims of the workshop are to (1) disseminate findings from studies that are examining the statistical properties of the data, (2) present results of recent food policy-relevant research conducted using the data, (3) share insights regarding best approaches to working with the data, and (4) provide information to potential new users about how to access the data.
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152th EAAE Seminar:
Emerging Technologies and the Development of Agriculture
At the beginning of the 21st century, analysts have started to raise concerns about the worldwide slowdown of agricultural supply growth in the presence of a strong rising demand for food but also, increasingly, for energy purposes. Hence, in the past decade the issue of global food security has received increased scrutiny and various responses on how to feed the world over the next 50 years have been proposed. One possible response is to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way that is increasing production while limiting negative impacts on natural resources and the environment. Obviously developments in production technologies in agriculture play a key role in this perspective.
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Call for WAEA & CAES Selected Paper Submissions

The WAEA and CAES are excited to invite you to be a part of the program for the 2016 joint annual meetings of the Western Ag Economics Association and the Canadian Ag Economics Society this June 21-23rd in Victoria, British Columbia.
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Call for applications for IMMANA Grants (Round 2)

Competitive Research Grants to Develop Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA Grants) are now open for applications under Round 2.

IMMANA Grants aim to accelerate the development of innovative and interdisciplinary metrics and methods filling the key knowledge gaps.
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