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Research Articles

Teaching and Educational Methods

Coordinating Environmental and Trade Policy to Protect the Environment: A Pedagogical Approach

Patrik T. Hultberg and Darshana Udayanganie

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Posted online: April 26, 2022

Abstract: Establishing appropriate environmental and trade policies is an important issue in today’s globalized economy, and yet there is no comprehensive analysis in most environmental economics and international trade undergraduate textbooks of how such policies are interrelated. The purpose of this article is to provide a straightforward framework for teaching students how environmental and trade policies are indeed interconnected, utilizing the standard tools of intermediate microeconomics. Focusing on a single competitive market and (nonstrategic) welfare maximizing government, optimal environmental and trade policies are derived and explored. The framework is used to address several circumstances, including negative production and consumption externalities, small and large countries, and transboundary pollution.

Keywords: Environment, international trade, teaching of economics

Extension Education

Case Studies

Economic Dynamics in the Beef Food Supply Chain under Pandemic Conditions

Grace Melo, Luis Peña-Lévano, and Kori Luengo

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Posted online: May 25, 2022
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Abstract: This case study discusses the potential effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the U.S. beef market during the first half of 2020. This sector confronted significant economic distortions caused by the increasing rate of infection in meat processing and packaging plants. We illustrate the COVID-19 related effects on the beef industry by using cattle-meat marketing channel framework, which comprises of two markets: cattle raw meat cuts supplied by farmers, and retailed processed meat sold by retailers and wholesale markets to final consumers as packed and processed products. The case study discusses different supply and demand shocks affecting the meat market system during and after the lockdown period. The article also explores the potential changes in equilibrium prices in alternative meat markets and how these could affect prices in conventional meat products. The teaching note discusses the objectives and provides further recommendations on the delivery of the case study, including a team peer evaluation.

Keywords: Case study, beef, processed food, meat supply, marketing channel, multi-sector model

Teaching and Education Commentaries

Feature Articles

Special Issue on Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics Classrooms and Departments

Special Issue on Extension Education and Teaching

On the Strategic Creation of Extension and Outreach Content in a New Media Environment

Trey Malone, Jim Monahan, Katie Nicpon, K. Aleks Schaefer, and Madelyn Cary

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Posted online: May 23, 2022

Abstract: Colleges of Agriculture across the world have been forced to rapidly adapt new media solutions to confront the challenge of educating and community building in increasingly digital spheres. With prospective and current students, program participants, alumni, and stakeholders at home, the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst to creating educational and connection opportunities through new media such as podcasts. Podcasts, like all digital content, require strategic planning and perform best when integrated into an overall communication or teaching strategy. This article uses podcasts as a case study as to discuss how new media can be a complement to the communications and learning goals of agricultural and applied economics departments. We develop a conceptual framework that provides a template for best practices for integrating podcast content into research-based community building and strategic communications development. Our article then utilizes the conceptual framework to describe the development of the Michigan State University Closing Bell podcast, which was implemented as a livestream on College of Agriculture and Natural Resources social media platforms in response to ongoing crises during the early stages of the pandemic.

Keywords: New media, outreach-bases research, podcasts

Special Issue on Contemporary Adjustments Needed to Teaching Water Economics in Light of Challenges Facing the Water Sector and its User