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Continuing Call for Papers: Virtual Special Issue of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics on the Economics of Inequity in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Systems

Government, industry, and non-profit leaders in agriculture and natural resources have growing interest in addressing problems of inequity in agricultural, food, and environmental systems. Large gaps exist in the economic research needed to inform those efforts, however. The Co-Editors of the AJAE are organizing a virtual special issue of research papers that fill important gaps in our knowledge about these issues.

We encourage scholars to submit original full-length research papers to the AJAE for publication that study novel questions about disparities related to marginalized people in agriculture, food, or natural resources and healthy environments.  These papers must be original scholarly research (not literature reviews) but they need not necessarily provide causal evidence. A wide range of research methods are welcome, including descriptive analyses, as long as conclusions are strictly warranted by the work presented in the paper. At least one virtual special issue will be published. If enough high-quality papers are submitted and accepted, multiple virtual special issues could be published on thematic subsets of this broader research agenda.

Papers submitted before December 15, 2023 will still be considered for virtual special issues but will not receive expedited review (the deadline for that was July 21). Details regarding the submission and review process are:

  • Submissions should go through the regular Editorial Express platform at
  • Your cover letter should have a heading at the top that states “For Expedited VSI on Equity”.  
  • If a Co-Editor decides the paper is not a good topical fit for the call, you may be given the chance to convert the submission to a regular AJAE submission.

Note: A paper does not need to have been presented at the Conference on Inequity in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Systems to be considered for publication in the special issue(s).