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Call for Special Issue - Fields of Discord: Understanding the Intersection of Geopolitics and Agriculture

The relationship between geopolitics and agriculture is increasingly important as the world faces numerous challenges related to food security, climate change, and economic development. In addition, the competition for resources and the global interconnectedness of markets and economies make the relationship between geopolitics and agriculture complex and multifaceted. The special issue in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy will bring together academic scholarship to explore the intersection of geopolitics and agriculture. Selected papers will discuss the challenges and opportunities this complex relationship presents, including the potential for conflict and tension arising from competing interests and priorities considering economic, social, and environmental aspects. The special issue will examine how agricultural practices intersect with global politics, from land use and resource management to trade policies and food security. The guest editors encourage paper submissions addressing the following topics:

  • Geopolitical factors influencing food and agricultural policies;
  • The role of geopolitics in agricultural trade and economic development;
  • The impact of climate change on agriculture and its geopolitical implications; and
  • The effects of migration on agriculture and food systems.

The special issue will comprise six papers and an editorial paper. A two-stage selection approach will be implemented, where, in the first stage, potential contributors are identified through the 2023 IATRC summer symposium. More information can be obtained at Then, extended abstract submissions (750 words) for the special issue are requested with a due date on August 1, 2023. Please submit your paper’s abstract following the link:

Based on the submitted extended abstracts, the guest editors will identify papers that best fit the call and invite those for full consideration. Selected papers will be sent out for rigorous double-blind peer review per the AEPP submission guidelines, with a submission deadline of September 30, 2023. Two rounds of peer reviews are planned, with the themed special issue to be published in May 2024.

The guest editors are Sílvia Helena Galvão de Miranda (Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Universidade de São Paulo) and Sandro Steinbach (Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies, North Dakota State University). They can be reached at and