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Call for Papers: Special Issue, “Agricultural and Applied Economics and Inequity and Discrimination Faced by African Americans in the United States”

Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy

The editors of AEPP invite authors to submit articles for a special issue on inequities and discrimination faced by African Americans in the United States related to topics within agricultural and applied economics. AEPP publishes research related to agriculture; animal, plant, and human health; energy; environment; food and consumer behavior; international development; natural hazards, natural resources; population and migration; and regional and rural development. In this Special Issue we are particularly interested in the intersection of these topics with inequities and discrimination faced by African Americans. Possible topics for papers in this issue include, but are not limited to:

  1. Implications of the Pigford v. Glickman suit and related cases on Black farmer land loss
  2. Funding differences in experiment stations and extension systems between 1862 and 1890 institutions and impacts on African American outcomes related to food and agriculture
  3. Evaluation of differences in intergenerational mobility of African American students between 1890 and 1862 institutions
  4. Implications of agricultural land loss on present-day wealth and wealth-related disparities
  5. Racial disparities, property values, and Black and white farmers in rural America
  6. Disparities in federal and state funding at 1890 Land-Grant Institutions. Specifically, inequality in the distribution of funding support for research, teaching, and 4-H programs at 1890 institutions
  7. Disparities by race in human capital development, income inequality, family/community resiliency, or disaster preparedness and their impacts on population and migration and/or rural and regional development, with a particular focus on the African American experience
  8. Disparities by race in food security, with a particular focus on the African American experience
  9. Black farmers’ access to financial capital
  10. Examination of alternative farm policy frameworks that continue systemic racism with government support and emergency payments. Black farmer participation levels in local food systems could be assessed in this context.

If you are interested in contributing to the special issue, please submit your paper to our online submission system by January 16, 2022. General instructions for submitting to AEPP can be found here. Please select that you are submitting to the Agricultural and Applied Economics and Inequity and Discrimination Faced by African Americans in the United States special issue when selecting submission type.

Composition of the Issue

  1. Invited versus Open Call: The issue will contain a mix of invited papers and papers received in response to this open call.
  2. Perspectives versus Original Research Papers: We are interested in publishing both perspectives articles and original research articles in this special issue.
  3. Timeline: Journal submission deadline: January 16, 2022

Questions about the special issue including questions related to fit of potential submissions can be directed to Mindy Mallory (

Additional Information
Certainly, African Americans in the United States are not the only group to face inequities and discrimination related to topics in agricultural and applied economics. Future special issues will be organized around inequities and discrimination faced by other groups.